Join Our Lab

We are always interested in inquiries from potential undergraduates, graduate students, and post-doctoral fellows with common research interests.


The Coates Lab is always looking for highly motivated undergraduate students who are interested in and are enthusiastic about conducting research in a scientific setting. Undergraduate students are encouraged to email John D Coates, Professor ( or the Lab Manager, Yi Liu ( to inquire.

Graduate Students

The Coates lab is a great place to conduct graduate level research in. Highly-motivated individuals wishing to join our group as a Ph.D. student are encouraged to e-mail me, including a CV and a description of background and research interests. This conversation should take place well before applying to the PMB’s Ph.D. program, so that we can discuss fit and identify potential research projects.

Postdoctoral Researcher

We always welcome inquiries from prospective postdocs. If you think our group is a good fit for your interests, please e-mail me with a CV and a summary of your research interests. We can help you put together a proposal and apply for competitive postdoctoral fellowships–including but not limited to: UC Berkeley’s Miller FellowshipUC’s President’s Postdoctoral FellowshipCalifornia Alliance Postdoctoral FellowshipFord FoundationSmith Fellowship, and the Delta Science Fellowship Program.

Lab Opportunities

From time to time positions (post-doc, staff researcher, scientist)within the lab open up and can be found on this page. If none are available at this time, please check often.

None at the moment–check back soon