Technologies Disclosed and Patents Pending

  1. “Bio-Sensor for determining the concentration of chlorite in environmental samples”
  2. “Biological oxygen generation for space travel”
  3. “Stimulation of organic contaminant degradation by the addition of chlorite”
  4. “A novel treatment to prevent deep wound infection”
  5. "A microassay for measurement of chlorite and perchlorate" (patent pending)
  6. “A specific immunoprobe for perchlorate-reducing bacteria” (patent pending)
  7. “Biological swine waste odor control” (patent pending)
  8. “Biological anaerobic treatment of BTEX contamination” (patent pending)
  9. “Biotreatment and immobilization of heavy metals and radionuclides”
  10. “Bioelectrochemical treatment of perchlorate and chlorate” (patent pending)
  11. “Bioelectrochemical treatment of xenobiotics” (patent pending)
  12. “Colorimetric Bioassay for perchlorate” (patent pending)
  13. “Microbial authigenic rock mineral precipitation as a means of alteration of hydrology flow paths in an oil reservoir to improve sweep efficiency and enhance oil recovery” (Provisional Patent filed Oct. 24th, 2011)
  14. “Small molecule inhibition of ATP sulfurylase and adenylyl-sulfate reductase as a means to reduce oil souring” (IDF submitted May 30th, 2012)
  15. “Heavy oil bioconversion” (IDF submitted Jul 20th 2012)
  16. “Microbial concretion as a means of controlling wormhole events during oil recovery from unconsolidated matrices” (IDF submitted May 31st 2012)
  17. "Microbial metabolism of chlorine oxyanions as a control of biogenic hydrogen sulfide production (Provisional Patent filed Jun 3rd 2011).
  18. "Purification of Cerium from Lanthanide Mixtures"(IDF submitted January 9th 2012)