John D. CoatesWe focus on environmental microbiology, specifically applied microbiology and bioremediation to clean up pollution and research environmentally friendly approaches to technology and oil extraction. The Coates Lab is located in the Department of Plant & Microbial Biology at UC Berkeley, as well as the Energy Biosciences Institute in Berkeley, CA.

Coates' Citations

Research in Environmental Sustainability

Environmental Sustainability requires research with the goal of promoting sustainable systems that support human wellbeing, and are compatible with sustaining natural ecosystems.

Novel Marine DRPB in genus Arcobacter

We've identified a novel marine DPRB in the genus Arcobacter that represents the first description of a DPRB associated with the Campylobacteraceae.

Microbial Chlorate Respiration

Perchlorate reducing bacteria are able to grow via the reduction of both perchlorate and chlorate while chlorate-reducers can only respire the latter.


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